How to Start a Food Blog l what is a Ping Server for Beginners

On How To Start a Food Blog I will be sharing what I consider to be the important and useful information I have learned and discovered over many months of food blogging, in addition to anything new I discover day by day, in an effort to save you time and get your blogging adventure off to a running start. I use WordPress on all my blogs so I can only relate my experiences and information based on these platforms. If you are using a free or any other theme you will find most of my posts will still be of value to you.

There are lots of things to learn about blogging and sometimes it can be quite daunting but the good news is you can learn as you go. Only a handful of things need attention from the start and so as long as you have some basic information you will be well on your way and can learn at your own pace. The most important thing is to just get going! Jump in, have fun and you will find the food blogging community is friendly, supportive and helpful!

When I decided to start my food blog I didn’t know anything at all about how to start a food blog! ZERO, to be precise and everything I learned was painfully slow! I spent hours online reading many different tutorials and watching You Tube Videos just to make the smallest tweaks to my blog.

When I started writing ‘posts’ for the first time I found that I made many mistakes that I only noticed once the post was published. No big really, you just edit and edit until you get it right, I thought. While that is true this can cause a potentially serious hic-cup for your blog. I did not know the ramifications of repetitively editing my posts and pages on WordPress until one day I stumbled across this very important information.

WordPress is set up to “Notify Ping Servers” every time you publish or update a post or page. So, can someone please tell me ‘What is a Ping Server?’ A Ping Server is basically an ongoing log of “blogs that have been updated recently”. By “pinging” a ping server, you essentially send a message saying that your blog has changed so they should come and grab the latest RSS feed (new content) from your site. This is an excellent way for your blog to gain more visibility and in turn increase your readership.

However, the important thing to know is, if you edit a post or page, ‘update’ after each edit, then view the post/page to see the results, you are sending a ‘ping’ out to the servers every time you click ‘update’. That can add up to a lot of ‘pings’ and the servers may view these repetitive ‘pings’ as spamming and de-index your blog. This is not a good start for your blog!

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